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What “Tangled” Can Teach Us About “Idolatry”

In Charlie Kang on March 7, 2012 at 12:35 pm

by Charlie Kang

Truth be told I didn’t like this movie very much (sorry ladies [John and Kat]), but something about this movie struck a chord deep within my soul while I was watching it.  For those who have never watched this movie, the story is about a wicked woman who steals Rapunzel and raises her as her own because her hair held the key to what she wanted most in life: eternal youth and beauty.  The beginning scenes of the movie depicts Rapunzel’s kidnapper as an exceptional mother; cooking for her, singing her songs, and looking out for Rapunzel’s best interest.  However, all of these good deeds were stained with “mother’s” self-interest because those good deeds were but a means to get the youth and beauty that she craved.  Here we have a perfect picture of idolatry: someone who centers his/her whole life upon something other than God.  “Mother’s” desire for beauty enveloped her whole life and even the good things she did for Rapunzel were based upon her quest to stay beautiful.

It’s a scary thought, but it could be that the most successful people in our society today are idolaters.  Sports stars, pop sensations, and wealthy people are single-minded, goal-driven individuals who focus on one thing in their lives.  Their lives are constantly subservient to their gods and for their services to these gods, they may get the thing that they want most in life; at least for a time.  Because you see, these gods are not interested in your well-being or success, but are only interested in your offerings and sacrifices to them.  They don’t care about you.  They just wish to make you a slave.  “Mother” was a slave to her idol, and watchers of the movie soon see how quickly she unravels from the beginning to the end of the movie in her service to the beauty god.

Here lies the incentive for us to worship God above idols: false gods need to be served while our God is the one who serves.  In John Piper’s book, Let the Nations Be Glad, he comments on this very idea:

“Isaiah sees everywhere he looks are gods who have to be served rather than serve. For example, the Babylonian God Bel and Nebo:

Bel bows down, Nebo stoops, their idols are on beasts and cattle; these things you carry are loaded as burdens on weary beasts. They stoop, they bow down together, they cannot save the burden, but themselves go into captivity. “Hearken to me, O house of Israel, who have been borne by me from your birth, carried from the womb; even to your old age I am He, and to gray hairs I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save” (Isa 46:1-4; cf. Jer 10:5).

The difference between the true God and the gods of the nations is that the true God carries and the other gods must be carried. God serves, they must be served. God glorifies his might by showing mercy. They glorify theirs by gathering slaves.”

Do not be lulled into believing the false sense of security and recognition that idolatry promises to give you.  “Mother’s” worship to the beauty god caused her to kidnap, conspire, and even kill Flynn Rider.  The gods demand too much in service of them.  Worship the God who carries, bears, and saves His people.  Don’t be like “mother,” be like Rapunzel.  Wait, she idolized freedom, which turned her into a liar.  That’s not a good example.  No, you should be more like Flynn Rider.  Wait a minute, he idolized money.  That’s not a good example either.  You should be like the horse, but wait.  Horses don’t have souls.  What a crappy movie.  Lesson learned: don’t watch movies, read the Bible.  HAHA.

^ this could be you.  HAHA

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